Birth Injury Lawyers: How to Know It’s Time to Seek Justice

Do we even need to ask that we all want the best for our children and grandchildren?

We live in a world where we cannot protect them everything. But we can seek justice, especially when there are problems or negligence before, during, or after the delivery of a precious baby.

More than 2,300 birth injuries occur every month. While some of these may be perfectly accidental, physicians are trained to handle these situations. They should not make fundamental mistakes.

Your pregnancy and delivery should be a rewarding experience. It should not be an event mired in drama or medical worry. We want to believe every doctor and nurse cares about us, but malpractice can happen anywhere with anyone.

New York is known for having some of the best physicians in the world. The premiere doctors come to train and to work.


New York also has the best birth injury lawyers. We will fight for you. We will help ease the pain, anger, frustration, and financial hardship of an avoidable injury. Take away the stress and consult an attorney today.

You’re not in this alone. We want you to know when it’s time to seek justice.

Do These Injuries Sound Familiar?

Cerebral Palsy

  • This is a common birth injury. One in 278 U.S. babies is born with this disorder.
  • In many cases, cerebral palsy stems from an infection during pregnancy, but it can also happen because of malpractice and negligence on the part of the hospital staff.
  • Common reasons could be being hit by instruments during delivery, or dropped in the delivery room, or simply not taking care of small details during check-ups that lead to bigger problems.

Detecting cerebral palsy early is a fortunate possibility and can help you plan for your future and for the justice you deserve. If this affects you, make a journal of a timeline of your pregnancy and leave no stone uncovered – you could receive financial compensation to help raise your child.

Brachial plexus palsy

(or Erb’s palsy) is another common form of birth injury. Damaged nerves to the neck and upper arms occur from the tools used during delivery.

  • If a baby is deprived of oxygen during this time, permanent damage can cause brain development issues and other disorders.
  • It is the doctor’s responsibility to properly monitor and assist you during this amazing time. Failure to do so can lead to grave injury and even death. Sometimes a doctor does notice a problem but doesn’t act quickly enough to remedy the situation.
  • It is not your responsibility to understand or know how to fix situations yourself. If that were the case, what would be the point of having doctors for a delivery?

Other injuries and negligence

These can occur and cause increased medical expenses and loss of enjoyment of life. Understand if this situation happened before or after delivery. Any kind of trauma or infection may be because the medical staff failed to act.

In the worst cases, a medical staff or doctor will discharge you without fully inspecting the problems.

What Kind of Compensation Can Birth Injury Lawyers Get for Me?

There are few silver linings in knowing your treatment for your baby and you was less than the best. But here are a few things you might be eligible for to give you the justice you seek:

  • loss of income
  • expanded medical expenses
  • physical therapy
  • future expenses
  • special accommodations
  • legal expenses
  • counseling services

This is just a small list that gives you an idea of the potential compensation you might be entitled. It will never make up for the pain and suffering you experience, but peace of mind and financial assistance will help you start your journey to recovery.

For many people, even pain and suffering can warrant its own compensation.

Which Birth Injury Lawyers are Best?

You want someone that is fighting for you, not to just win the next case. The law offices of Joseph Lichtenstein will answer questions before you seek a free consultation.

Before you consult with the law offices of Joseph Lichtenstein, ask yourself some questions…

  • Did any incidents occur before, during, or after the delivery?
  • Did I raise concerns that were dismissed during a doctor visit?
  • Was I misdiagnosed? This doesn’t always indicate malpractice, but it can.
  • Did everyone perform their job to the best of their abilities?

Signing waivers at visits and at the delivery room does not eliminate all your rights. Keep all your paperwork, doctor’s notes, medicinal prescriptions, personal journal notes, and any other evidence that may assist a lawyer with any potential litigation.

As noted, be diligent and keep notes of each doctor visit if you suspect negligence. A doctor should do just as much listening to you as you should to them. You shouldn’t feel rushed or hurried during visits or consultations.

Physical trauma by the staff might be more noticeable than prenatal problems. If you disclose a medication and the doctor dismisses its effects on the fetus, they may be liable for any damage caused by the medication.

It is their responsibility to give you the best care if you disclose all your medications and ailments.

Going Forward

After you have identified the potential malpractice including medical problems with your child, you have chosen your lawyer.

Now, it’s time to start the process of going forward with the lawsuit.

With your confidentiality between your lawyer and yourself, it’s time to disclose everything and hand over all evidence. Remember, this includes doctor’s notes, your personal journal notes, prescriptions, and anything related to the pregnancy or your health.

All of this information will help build your case to show that you have been unjustly been treated and victimized.

We are here to fight for every dollar and compensation you deserve. The process of suing a hospital can feel daunting, but let us take the load of burden and stress.

If your baby has an avoidable medical injury, you may have a case that can help you begin the healing process. Your concern should be a happy and loving life for you and your family. Our concern is assisting you in that process.

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