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birth injury lawsuit

Determining Fault: How to Prove Negligence in a Birth Injury Lawsuit

By Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein / September 16, 2019 /

Of the twenty-eight thousand babies born each year in the USA, about one in every ten thousand will suffer a birth injury. An instance of medical malpractice can transform a normal child into a disabled child with just one mistake. A joyous occasion can become something quite different in a matter of seconds. You may suspect that…

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Too Little, Too Late: How to Know When It's The Right Time To Look For A Birth Injury Lawyer

By Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein / September 15, 2019 /

When your baby is a victim of a birth injury or congenital disability, it can be very stressful to handle. Many parents juggle their emotions and might not know where to begin, especially when it comes to seeking justice or their child. It is important to know when to hire a birth injury lawyer so…

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what to do if child has developmental delay

Not Just "a Little Slow": What to Do If You Notice Your Child Has Developmental Delay

By Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein / September 14, 2019 /

As children grow, parents anticipate their milestones, which makes it natural to wonder if their development is on track. A majority of children reach every development milestone at an appropriate age, and sometimes, even though they may be a little late, they catch up. However, even though children develop at different rates, some may take…

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kernicterus birth injury

Kernicterus vs Jaundice: Everything You Need To Know About This Preventable Birth Injury

By Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein / September 14, 2019 /

Jaundice affects about 50-60% of full-term babies and 80% of premature babies in the United States. Left untreated, it could lead to a serious condition called kernicterus. You might be wondering what this preventable condition is. Read on to discover what causes a kernicterus birth injury, plus the difference between it and jaundice. Jaundice in…

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pregnancy complications

Don't Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch: The Pregnancy Complications That Could Lead to Birth Injuries

By Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein / September 13, 2019 /

There isn’t much that compares to the feeling you get when you find out you’re expecting. Preparing for a little one is sure to be one of the most exciting times in your life. But, the time spent waiting for your new baby to arrive can be pretty scary, too. Complications during pregnancy can range…

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dangers of gestational diabetes

The Dangers of Gestational Diabetes to the Mother and Baby

By Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein / September 12, 2019 /

Pregnancy is a sensitive time filled with lots of emotions. For mothers-to-be, anything that jeopardizes their health or the health of their baby during this time is something to be taken seriously.  Gestational diabetes is a somewhat common condition that many pregnant women face. If it goes untreated, the dangers of gestational diabetes include risks…

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labor induction

Don't Break Your Mama's Back: Avoiding High-Risk Labor Induction Methods That Can Lead to Birth Injuries

By Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein / September 10, 2019 /

The end of pregnancy can feel like it’s never going to end. As a pregnant mom, you’ll feel tired, sore, uncomfortable, and anxious to meet your new baby. Pregnancy is rough on a woman’s body so it’s understandable to feel ready for it to be over. While there are many cases where labor inductions have…

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birth injury myths

Common Birth Injury Myths and the Facts That Debunk Them

By Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein / September 10, 2019 /

Everyone who’s expecting a child looks forward to their baby’s birth. They imagine it as a day of overwhelming joy and relief. When something goes wrong, that all comes crashing down. Among all the books you read and the classes you take, few parents learn much about birth injuries during pregnancy. The reality is that…

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brachial plexus injury

Brachial Plexus Injury at Birth: Everything You Need to Know

By Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein / September 8, 2019 /

About one in every thousand children born in America experience a brachial plexus injury at birth. The brachial plexus can be injured even during normal delivery but can also be the result of medical negligence. Even when cared for properly, it can sometimes lead to permanent damage or disability. But what is a brachial plexus…

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negligence vs. malpractice

Negligence vs. Malpractice: How to Know The Difference So You Can Properly File a Claim

By Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein / September 6, 2019 /

We put a great deal of trust into doctors and medical practitioners. We look to them for guidance, and sometimes, we very literally put our lives into their hands. That’s why misconduct on the part of doctors is taken so seriously. If you’ve experienced an injury or loss as a result of a doctor’s actions,…

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