Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyer Justifies a Medical Malpractice Case

When Brooklyn residents fall ill, as with most others in the rest of the U.S. they typically rely on health care professionals. After all, these medical care practitioners all had to undergo the necessary education and training to earn their degree and title to qualify themselves as such.

What is and is not medical malpractice

Unfortunately, to err is human, and sometimes, when you deal with people’s lives and their health, the error can be too costly, and fatal. Instead of solving a patient’s health issue, some medical practitioners end up causing more harm or injury. Some common examples include (believe it or not) leaving behind a surgical instrument inside a patient’s body after the skin has been stitched up, or performing a surgical procedure on the wrong side of the body or wrong body part. Misdiagnoses, as well as failure to inform patients about the true nature of their condition, are also far too common.

If doctors commit any of these mistakes for one reason or another, patients can hold them liable by filing a medical negligence lawsuit with help of a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer who has handled similar cases before. Enlisting professional legal services can boost a patient’s chances of receiving compensation for his or her injury and subsequent losses in income, benefits, and other opportunities for gainful employment.

It’s important to remember that, in clinical negligence lawsuits, the patient’s testimony alone in the personal injury case is not enough to prove that medical practitioners were indeed negligent. It will be up to the attorneys and their team to formulate strategies and gather evidence to substantiate the claim that the health care providers in the lawsuit, have, indeed, committed an error.

The first critical piece of evidence is proof of a doctor-patient relationship like diagnostic reports and prescriptions. The next important pieces of evidence are statements from expert witnesses. These medical experts who are asked to testify will truthfully state what they would have done if they were themselves the medical attendant at that time. If some of their testimonies show a stark difference on how things could have been handled, chances are, there could be a substantial case against the medical providers being sued of negligence.

In instances when a patient has suffered a traumatic brain injury due to medical malpractice, it will be up to the loved ones to enlist the services of qualified Bronx personal injury attorneys, such as the legal team from the Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein, to build a strong case.

Doctors and some medical providers make mistakes; in some of these cases, medical practitioners don’t seem to stay true to their job titles. When this happens, patients have the right to hold them liable. Patients and family members are advised to evaluate their legal options with the help of experienced personal injury attorneys.

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