New York Birth Injury Attorney: Malpractice-related Cerebral Palsy

Infants are too fragile to experience pressures and strains. Unfortunately, these forces are inevitable during maternal labor. Compression and traction have to be applied to pull out the baby from the mother’s womb, and such process involves many risks. A tiny error can cause severe damage to the baby’s physical condition that could go on throughout his life.

Any injury a child obtains from birth that affects his muscle control and coordination is considered a type of cerebral palsy. The fact that this disorder can affect the life of a child toward his adulthood makes it a serious case that can hold any medical practitioner liable. If the cause of a child’s cerebral palsy seems unnatural, and you suspect that the birthing process was not done properly, you can file birth injury charges to the people you believe to be responsible.

Birth Injury and Trauma

There are many factors that can lead to cerebral palsy. The mother’s body size and the pressure exerted during delivery, for instance, can cause trauma on the child by damaging the tissues. In her article for, contributor Cindy Schmidler discusses the different causes of birth injury and their consequences.

Birth trauma can happen either from the pressure of a prolonged labor, the small or irregular size of the mother’s pelvis, or certain delivery procedures like forceps or a vacuum to deliver the baby. Injuries can also happen if the fetus is in a breech or transverse position inside the mother’s uterus or with a premature birth.

Birth injury or cerebral palsy is a pervading risk during delivery, regardless of whether or not your child is born at a prominent hospital in industrialized cities like New York. If the doctor isn’t too careful in considering the different factors that play in birthing, the result can even be fatal to both the child and the mother. In the United States, 10,000 infants are diagnosed with cerebral palsy and around 1,500 preschoolers show signs of it. That’s how plausible and serious this disorder can be.

Other types of injury a child can obtain during childbirth include spinal cord injury, bone injury, and neck injury. Whatever the injury is, so long as it’s caused by medical malpractice, consider filing charges with the help of a New York birth injury attorney. A good attorney like one from The Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein can help you get compensated for the negligence.

Fortunately, not all birth injuries are permanent; some of them can be treated through long-term therapy. This makes the service of New York birth injury attorneys become all the more crucial. They can increase the chance of getting the perpetrators penalized so you can get your child’s treatment duly covered.


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