New York Birth Injury Lawyers to Tackle Developmental Delay Fallout

Every child needs all the care and resources their parents can provide so they can learn new skills and talents at an early age. When they have more problems trying to comprehend information than other children their age, however, evaluation by licensed medical practitioners might reveal that the delays came as a result of birth injuries. This may compel parents to hire capable New York birth injury lawyers and hold a certain party accountable. In an article for Healthy.Net, writer Viola Frymann said traumatic births account for almost 80% of all children facing developmental delays.

New York City already acknowledges issues with children afflicted by developmental delays through its Developmental Delay Infant Services department. You should know, however, that even with the variety of services available, there’s a chance that some issues may not be evident. That’s why it will be up to a lawyer like Atty. Joseph M. Lichtenstein to convince the court to favor compensation.

New York Birth Injury Lawyers to Tackle Developmental Delay Fallout

Point of Entry

The most critical element of the newborn’s life is the point when they are being delivered. According to Frymann, the pelvis and the uterus tends to exert some force on the body when the birth is underway.

Some factors add to the danger of disruptions on the baby’s developmental capacity, including attempts at induced labor either by natural methods or medication, application of epidural anesthesia or finding out that the umbilical cord is strangling the baby, which can compromise oxygen flow. The brain also faces some undue stress when the labor period lasts longer than 18 hours.

Long-term Effects?

The long-term effects of a botched birth on the baby can be damaging in their own way. The disruption of oxygen flow to the brain, for example, often raises the chance of the child being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. If proof can be successfully established within some period after the baby is born, then you will need to consult your lawyer about moving your case forward.

Advances in medical and behavioral science may be of some benefit in helping a child with development delay issues to improve his skills later in life, but access to them may not be possible without ample resources. Hiring skilled New York City birth injury lawyers to represent your cause will give you a fair chance to see the case to the end. Call your lawyer today.


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