NYC Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Cerebral Palsy as a Birth Injury Case

Oxygen sustains the body’s vital functions, so maintaining its optimal levels should be a priority in any medical procedure, including childbirth. If a baby suffers oxygen deprivation during delivery, for instance, he/she can suffer serious brain damage and develop the condition called cerebral palsy. This brain disorder can stem from various causes, but it can be a medical malpractice case if it’s rooted on human error.

Intracranial Hemorrhage

Medical News Today correspondent Christian Nordqvist cites intracranial hemorrhage or bleeding inside the brain as one cause of cerebral palsy. The following are some factors during labor and delivery – particularly in complicated pregnancies – that may contribute to this disorder:

• A blood clot in the placenta that blocked the flow of blood
• The baby had a clotting disorder
• There were interruptions in arterial blood flow to the baby’s brain
• The mother had pre-eclampsia that was not treated
• An emergency cesarean had to be performed
• The second stage of labor was prolonged
• A vacuum extraction was used during delivery
• The baby had heart anomalies
• There was inflammation of the placenta
• There were umbilical cord abnormalities
• The mother had a pelvic inflammatory infection

If the doctor failed to diagnose or treat these symptoms or conditions, or to comply with medical standards during these procedures, he/she may be held liable.
The mom and baby’s prenatal checkup and delivery records can serve as evidence and can be examined for diagnostic or childbirth techniques, where a doctor, the health care team, or the hospital may have deviated from medical standards. For instance, the obstetrician may have missed identifying fetal distress before or during the delivery. A medical expert witness may be consulted to strengthen these kinds of allegations.

NYC medical malpractice lawyers can study the complex lawsuit implications and identify the proper compensation for the family. If health care professionals or the medical institution are found liable, they should pay for the baby’s long-term care and treatments, including physical therapy and medications. Plaintiffs may also recover emotional damages for the psychological suffering endured from the traumatic or distressing event.

Highly experienced medical malpractice lawyers in NYC, such as The Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein, can help families assert their legal rights if their baby’s condition is suspected to be a result of birth injury. The lawyers can provide in-depth legal counsel, arrange for settlements, and take the case to court for litigation as necessary.


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