Why You Need a Brooklyn Injury Lawyer for a Construction Site Accident

In the aftermath of a construction site accident, a victim might deliberate on whether he or she is in need of a personal injury attorney. Medical bills can be quite overwhelming, and losing the ability to work because of an injury could result in further financial setbacks. Receiving compensation will significantly help you recover from financial losses and the injuries you have sustained due to the accident.


While some minor accidents can be handled by the insurance company with little difficulty, the more serious ones would necessitate professional or legal help. In a major construction accident in the New York area, the most important reasons why you should seek the advice of  a personal injury lawyer near Brooklyn is that the latter knows the laws of the state that apply to your injury and that he/she has ample experience when it comes to cases involving severe accidents. Here are the other reasons:

Knows the Statute of Limitations. A veteran lawyer is familiar with the statute of limitations of the state and will make sure you don’t exceed the time limit for filing a lawsuit should you decide to do so. He or she will make you understand the details of the case and the potential damages attached to it, and will prepare you for it.

Has Made Milestones in Similar Cases. It would also help to ask guidance from a skilled Brooklyn injury lawyer, such as The Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein, which have been handling similar cases as yours, and have had major successes in personal injury litigation in the past. The lawyer will look at the same merits of your case as the ones he/she has handled and would know how to increase your case’s chances of winning.

Can be Trusted with Delicate Cases. The nature of your case may be quite sensitive—such as accidents involving manufacturing plants with confidential projects—and you’d want to entrust it to someone who is capable to handle sensitive issues.

Can Flex His Muscles in Court. If you’re in dispute with a major corporation or a large insurance company, you’d also prefer a lawyer who has both the confidence and the financial resources to go against such establishments in court. You wouldn’t want someone who can be bullied into settling out of court or dropping the case if a lawsuit would benefit you more, would you?

If you figure in an accident on-site and suspect negligence is to blame, firms like The Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein can offer the legal guidance you need to get through the trying situation.

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