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Prescription drugs can sometimes cause more harm than the disease they are supposed to treat. Severe drug interactions, heart attack, and birth defects are just some of the common drug-related injuries. If you have suffered from the adverse effects of defective drugs, get in touch with our injury attorney serving clients in Brooklyn, NY and the nearby areas.

In many cases such drugs are not adequately tested, or the drugs' dangers are known during clinical trials but the pharmaceutical companies intentionally keep those negative study results from the FDA. Once the drug is approved, it may take years or even decades before the truth comes out, and by then thousands or more may have already suffered serious injuries.

In other cases the drug's design and formulation is not in question but there is an issue or contamination during the manufacturing process. Faulty manufacturing equipment, lack of proper safety and sanitation practices and even criminal conduct can all lead to dangerous drugs that are released onto the markets.

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When is a Drug considered defective?

In the simplest term, a drug is considered to be "defective" and / or "dangerous," when the benefits that the patient would gain from taking the drug are far less than the risks that they take. This can come from having a drug that is incorrectly manufactured, a drug that is labeled with the wrong dosage instructions, a drug with incorrect labeling or even a drug where all side effects have not been discovered and warned about.

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Another danger includes drugs that are used by doctors for off-label uses; for example, using a birth-control pill to help treat acne, even though this was not what it was initially created for. Our personal injury lawyer can discuss drug-related claims in detail if you need legal counsel.

About the Black Box Warning

When a drug reaches a certain threshold of danger, the FDA will require that the labeling include what is known as the "black box warning," also referred to as the "boxed warning." This is the strongest warning available from the FDA and is used when the drug can cause life-threatening illness or when improper use of the drug can cause severe side effects that could be prevented through proper usage. Some examples of medications that have required black box warnings include all antidepressants.

Helping with Dangerous Drug Claims

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When defective drugs cause personal injury or kill people, the doctors, scientists and manufacturers can be held liable - especially when they knowingly released and sold defective drugs. With the guidance of an injury lawyer, claims can be made against the pharmaceuticals. The victims can recover their losses and pharmaceuticals are also compelled by financial interests to make safer and more reliable drugs. The Law Offices of Joseph M. Lichtenstein, PC has successfully represented countless plaintiffs in lawsuits against manufacturers and distributors of defective or dangerous drugs.

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