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If you or a loved one has suffered illness, injury, or death due to a medication error on the part of your doctors, nurses, or health providers, you may have a medical malpractice claim against your health providers. A medication error is when a physician gives you the wrong drug, gives you a drug in the wrong way, gives you a drug you are allergic to, or gives you two drugs that interact unfavorably with each other. In hospitals, medication errors often occur when a drug is administered to the wrong patient.

If this describes the medical situation of you or a loved one, contact an attorney today. If your health provider has made a medication error by giving you the wrong drug, or giving you drugs that don't interact well together, your illness may have gotten worse, and your medical issues may have extended. If this has caused you to miss work for a longer period of time, you may be able to get compensated for those missed wages.

This medication error may have also caused you to have much higher medical bills than if you had been treated properly in the beginning. You may be able to receive monetary compensation for those medical bills. In extreme cases, a medication error can cause death if the victim has a drug allergy, or two drugs reacted in such an extreme way as to cause death. If a family member of someone you love has died because of a medication error, please contact us today.

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Our firm is a large legal group that has many experienced and knowledgeable lawyers. We understand the sensitive nature of medical malpractice cases, and will always communicate with you in a professional and caring manner. We understand how difficult medical malpractice cases can be for the victim, and we understand that you may yet be suffering from your ailment.

We will spare no expense in researching and defending your case, and we will always consult with medical experts in the field. Contact a New York medical malpractice lawyer today for legal representation you can trust.

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