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Understanding Radiology Errors in the New York Metro Area

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When a patient seeks medical attention complaining of symptoms which are inside the body, there are other options besides invasive surgery in order to diagnose the illness. In the medical field, radiology is a branch of medicine which uses imaging to determine diagnosis and treatment for a patient. X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, and more, all fall under this category of radiology. Specially-trained technicians are responsible for administering these scans and interpreting the findings. Sometimes known as radioscopy or clinical radiology in order to differentiate it from other forms of non-medical radiology, this tool has been helping patients for decades.

Types of Radiology

What are the dangers of radiology?

It is estimated that there are over 2,000 radiology errors every year which result in harm to the patient. One major type of error is human negligence or carelessness. If they fail to administer the CT scan, X-ray, or ultrasound correctly, the image produced may be inaccurate. There could also be an error in regards to diagnosis. Even if the picture is clear, the radiologist may interpret the findings erroneously. For example, they may see an abnormality in the image, but assume it is something other than what it is. In other cases, a lack of communication could result in harm to the patient. The radiologist may see something is amiss in the scan, but then fail to let the doctor know what they found.

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