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There are some birth injuries that begin because of an illness or condition that was experienced by the mother during pregnancy. One such case is gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes begins while the woman is pregnant or was first diagnosed during pregnancy. The reason for this is that the hormones that were created for carrying the child are blocking the insulin and causing high blood sugar.

Some women are more at risk of contracting this than others. For example, if the woman was over 25 when she became pregnant or had a history of diabetes in the family, the chances of gestational diabetes will increase. Other issues that could also contribute to this include too much amniotic fluid or high blood pressure.

If you are worried that you might undergo this type of condition, there are some symptoms that you could be on the lookout for. The more common symptoms include: blurred vision, fatigue, frequent infections, nausea, weight loss, and increased urination. In order to catch this and be able to bring it under control, all women should be tested during their 24th and 28th week.

Following this, treatment will be provided so that the sugar levels are kept below normal limits and that the baby is healthy. It is the responsibility of the doctor to detect and treat gestational diabetes. If they do not, they could be held responsible for any of the consequences.

Besides medical treatment, there are some other ways that mothers can control this diabetes. By watching what they eat and cutting back on food containing a high amount of sugar, the levels could be brought under control. This is important because high blood sugar levels will not only harm the mother, but the child as well.

Mothers with gestational diabetes usually give birth to heavier babies and this increases the risk of birth injuries occurring during labor and delivery. After birth, the baby may even have hypoglycemia for the first several days. The worst consequence is that it increases the risk of the child being stillborn or dying shortly after birth.

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