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If a doctor misdiagnoses you, you get treated for a disease or ailment that you do not have. This can lead to more pain and suffering because you are not recovering from your pre-established illness, and the treatments for the misdiagnosed illness may also contribute to your pain and suffering. This can even lead to death if the original illness is not handled, or if the treatment for the misdiagnosis is severe and risky.

If this describes the medical situation of you or a loved one, contact our law firm today. A misdiagnosis can lead to huge medical bills, and you may be able to get compensation for those bills, especially for the cost of the treatment for the misdiagnosis. Please contact us today to get information about misdiagnosis of cancer, heart attack, or meningitis.

Statistics of Failure to Rescue

HealthGrades recently releases a study where it found that one of the most common sources of medical malpractice and negligence was misdiagnosis, also known as the "failure to rescue." In the study, it was stated that this was actually far more common than we would like to commonly believe, affecting over a hundred out of every thousand patients in hospitals.

Per the results of a phone survey conducted by the National Patient Safety Foundation, which reviewed the prominent issues relating to medical mistakes, around 40% of respondents reported they had suffered from a medical error of some kind with around 40% of those stating their error was related to some sort of misdiagnosis. These rates can skyrocket in regards to diagnosis in the ER, as the high-stress environment can lead to hasty decisions that are, ultimately, not always in the best interests of the patient.

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