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When medical equipment fails, it can mean certain disaster for patients who suffer from serious injuries as a result. Medical equipment failure can occur due to a defect in the equipment itself, but it can also occur due to the negligence of a healthcare professional that has not been properly trained in the use of the particular instrument, or does not make an accurate diagnosis despite the fact that it should have occurred.

Medical equipment failure can encompass a broad range of scenarios including defective equipment that does not operate as it should. This is especially serious in cases where medications are being administered by a machine that is not working correctly, or even in surgically-implanted devices such as pacemakers that lose their power and shut down.

Moreover, healthcare professionals who are not properly trained or do not make an appropriate diagnosis can allow serious issues like cancer, tumors or other afflictions to persist and get worse. This type of negligence should never be excused, and every effort should be made both by the medical community and the victims affected to hold responsible parties accountable. Speak with our medical malpractice lawyer if you are in need of legal advice regarding cases involving defective medical equipment in Brooklyn and the surrounding areas in New York.

Software-Related Errors with Medical Devices

In 1999, the Information Technology Laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology released a study titled "Lessons from 342 Medical Device Failures" which broke down all of the common software-related errors associated with medical devices, as well as the symptoms and steps for prevention. Per the study, a medical device is defined by the Federal Food Drug & Cosmetic Act as something (instrument, apparatus, machine, etc.) that is used either for diagnosing, curing, mitigating, treating or preventing diseases. It also must be something that is "intended to affect the structure or any function of the body" that could not be achieved through the use of chemical means.

With more and more medical devices relying on software to help them continue running smoothly, it is frightening to learn of all of the issues that can stem from the usage. Common errors that were found to come from the software included the failure of an alarm to sound when one was needed, not giving dosages at the correct speed, having inconsistent display unit values, having sporadic actions, losing data, having missing calculations or just failing to work altogether and shutting down.

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The Law Offices of Joseph M. Lichtenstein, PC understands how disastrous a medical equipment failure injury can be to an individual as well as their family. Our firm has brought many high-profile medical malpractice cases to court, and has been able to achieve victory where other firms have not. In fact, attorneys from other firms have been known to refer cases to our staff where the perceived likelihood for victory is small.

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We are able to turn many perceived-unwinnable cases into certain victory, and will aggressively pursue a court-appointed decision over settlement where appropriate. Our accomplished medical malpractice lawyer is prepared to work closely with clients to build the most compelling case possible, and we will work hard to see that every opportunity is explored. Contact us today for help!

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