A Bronx Personal Injury Attorney Protects Injured Worker’s Rights

A good indication that a state is on an economic rebound is the stream of construction projects that are turning up. These projects are likely to attract a big pool of investors who will trigger a chain of employment opportunities for everyone.

Construction firms build on big year

This is exactly the scenario that New York City residents can expect in the near future. Reports indicate that the city’s construction firms are experiencing resurgence, what with all the work on high-rise luxury condos, hotels, and offices. This construction boom has also made workers happy as they have a way to earn substantial income.

Construction firm owners, however, have the responsibility to provide a safe work environment for construction workers. To do this, they have to let their employees undergo training and educational courses on safety hazards to be conducted by representatives from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

Unfortunately, not all employers realize the importance of educating their employees on workplace safety. With insufficient knowledge on safety, workers become prone to accidents and injuries. If workers are harmed on-site due to their employer’s disregard of education and safety courses, or failure to provide safety equipment, they can seek the help of a qualified Bronx personal injury attorney to uphold their right to compensation.

To justify employer liability, construction workers must work closely with their legal counsel and gather strong evidence. This will include testimonies from witnesses, including fellow workers and supervisors. These witnesses should be able to corroborate identified claims that prove the employer has failed in some measures to prevent or minimize construction site hazards.

For instance, if a construction firm owner, due to budget cuts, has settled for sub-standard scaffolds or guardrails for the site, and these second-rate materials shattered and injured a worker, witnesses can verify that the scaffold was not solidly built or that guardrails were lacking in the first place. Testimonies of this nature can help prove that the employer was at fault for the accident.

Construction firm owners have to see to it they have a system in place for a hazard-free construction site for their workers. If they are negligent on this, and an accident occurs, workers have the right to file a lawsuit. With a personal injury lawyer in Bronx like someone from the Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein by their side, workers can be awarded with the compensation they rightfully deserve.

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