A Bronx Personal Injury Lawyer Handles Claims Involving Drunk Drivers

Busy thoroughfares like the Major Deegan Expressway in Bronx can become an accident-prone area if drivers don’t observe road safety rules and responsible driving habits. So what are the most likely consequences of a car accident on a busy road? For one, instead of just involving one or two cars, numerous cars may get in the scene.


This was exactly what took place in early December of last year. A total of five cars were involved in a crash on Major Deegan, leaving one victim critically injured, and others with minor injuries. According to a report by Eyewitness News, two of the drivers involved will be charged with DWI.

While those who only sustained minor injuries can get on with their normal lives in no time, the one who suffered serious injuries may need months, even years, to go back to the way things were for him or her—if at all. In a situation involving DWI, the injured, and perhaps, his or her loved ones should consider meeting with an experienced Bronx personal injury lawyer right away to discuss their legal options.

One of their options is to file a personal injury claim against the drunk drivers as a way to seek compensation. If the case goes in their favor, the compensation they receive can be extremely useful in dealing with piles and piles of medical bills. Gathering medical reports detailing the extent of the injuries will help strengthen their case.

A personal injury lawyer in Bronx, NY can help the family get a good chance of being awarded compensation if they can prove that the car accident victim is the main or sole breadwinner in the household. If the injuries sustained would prevent the victim from earning a rightful pay, the family has to find ways to survive. Asserting this truth will definitely increase the family’s chances of seeing the case go in their favor.

Since DWI is a criminal offense, there is a big possibility that the family can seek the maximum compensation rather than something in the middle. Topnotch law firms like the Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein can devise strategies on how to make this happen.

Car accidents are traumatic, even more so if victims are critically injured. If the injured loses the ability to fight for his or her rights, it is up to the family to get legal advice on how to file a claim and seek due compensation.


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