A Personal Injury Attorney in Bronx Can Help Truck Accident Victims

Truck accidents are one of the most fatal unfortunate events that could happen on the road. You see it on the news, read it in the paper and even watch it portrayed in popular media. Throughout the U.S., there are many victims of collisions involving an 18-wheeler truck, sometimes called a semi or a big rig. If you’re a victim of truck accidents and have been severely injured, you can do something about it by hiring an experienced personal injury attorney in Bronx such as The Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein. 

A Personal Injury Attorney in Bronx Can Help Truck Accident Victims

It’s Your Right

If you’re having second thoughts about going after those responsible, know that above all, it is your legal right to do so. The authorities recognize the hazards involved in truck-related accidents and they set rules and regulations that manufacturers, owners and operators must abide by. Most of the time, truck accidents are caused by someone violating these regulations, therefore the victim is not at fault and has a stronger chance of winning a case. Even so, you will need help from a trusted Bronx injury lawyer to make a claim.

Defendants and Damages

In order to establish liability, you, with the help of your lawyer, must first identify all those who might have an involvement in the accident. That doesn’t just involve the driver of the big rig but may include the manufacturer, the owner, the company and even the government official. It is important that you name all the people involved when you file the lawsuit because there are deadlines to be met.

After naming the people and the lawsuit has been filed, your lawyer will then work to prove liability and the damages done. This may involve a lengthy investigation and gathering of evidence to prove who is really at fault and what really caused the accident. Additionally, to support your case, your injuries and losses will be taken into account to best determine how much compensation you will require of those at fault.

The Lawsuit

When you name multiple defendants, they will likely have varying degrees of responsibility for the accident. This means that the owner may not be as liable as the driver. Often, the investigation alone may already reveal each defendant’s share in the fault pie, but in times when results are inconclusive, you might have to go to trial. In this case, your personal injury lawyer will represent you.

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