Adept Bronx Birth Injury Attorney Characterizes Medical Negligence

Childbirth is a delicate procedure that requires not just the attending doctors’ full attention, but all the medical staff involved in the birthing and subsequent caring for the newborn. That said, while doctors and their medical staff do their best in mitigating errors during such situations, there are instances wherein oversight still occurs, the result of which is the irreparable injury, and sometimes death, of infants.

One such condition is birth asphyxia, a case wherein the infant is not able to acquire adequate oxygen during or after the mother’s labor. The lack of oxygen is detrimental to the child’s brain activities, and if not acted upon quickly, can lead to brain damage. A recent article posted in BBC reports on the recently discovered method of mitigating the effects of oxygen deprivation in infants, which is by placing them in cooling mats to reduce the production of harmful substances in the brain, as well as the rate of cell brain death.

Cooling babies help reduce longer term brain damage

That being said, while it is commendable that strides are being made to lessen the adverse effects of birth asphyxia, it still underlines the fact that proper measures should be observed in all phases of child birth to avoid resorting to such procedures. For New York parents who may have experienced such unfortunate event with their infants and would want to take legal action, acquiring the assistance of an experienced Bronx birth injury attorney, such as the representatives practicing in The Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein, is the first step to get this legal process in motion.

Capable Bronx birth injury lawyers can be tasked to go through the child’s and mother’s medical records prior, during, and after labor in order to substantially back up one’s claims of birth injury or medical negligence. These information will then be the basis for a claim of medical negligence or malpractice of the attending doctors.

No one wants to have any child experience any kind of disability, even more so if that disability is due to an errant procedure or mishap. When that happens, it’s just right for those who have been wronged to be properly recompensed.


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