Bronx, NY Personal Injury Lawyer Help TBI Victims Seek Compensation

Traumatic brain injury (TBI), also known as head trauma or concussion, is an injury that results in damage to the scalp, skull, or brain. In America, there are about 52,000 who die from TBI each year, and more than 5 million suffering from it who have become highly dependent on others for their daily activities. The injury usually occurs from accidents at work, traffic, unkempt premises, during recreational activities, etc. When caused by the negligence of others, people suffering from TBI can get the help of a Bronx, NY personal injury lawyer to seek compensation from the person or entity at fault.

Bronx, NY Personal Injury Lawyer Help TBI Victims Seek Compensation

TBI can either be closed or penetrating. In a closed head injury, infection or internal bleeding of the brain occurs due to blunt trauma. Penetrating head injuries, on the other hand, happen when a high shearing or sharp force breaks the skull and enters the brain, damaging the nerve cells. The injury can range from mild to severe. Some symptoms may appear right after the traumatic event, while others won’t show up until days or weeks later. When severe, the victim may experience debilitating physical and cognitive-mental changes.

TBI requires therapies and rehabilitation to help the victim manage its physical, intellectual, emotional, and psychological impacts.  Diagnostic exams such as MRI’s, X-rays, and CT scans are often used to determine the nature and degree of the brain injury. When a brain injury is suspected, the victim might have to undergo a full neurological examination on a repeated basis.

In addition to the tests, the victim may need some assistive devices and home alterations to help him function better and comfortably. Given all these needs, coupled with the likely diminished ability to find gainful employment, the victim would need any financial assistance he could get, not least of which could come from the compensation he recovers from the person(s) who caused the injury.

A TBI lawsuit is complex as it requires the testimony of professionals regarding the degree of damage (a prime factor for compensation). For instance, according to Psych Central Professional, the degree of TBI severity is dependent on the extent of injury to the brain and the altered consciousness after the injury is sustained, not by the consequent conditions such as intense headaches. Establishing these conditions require testimonies from experts who are deemed credible by the court. Reputable Bronx personal injury lawyers from firms like The Law Offices of Joseph M. Lichtenstein, who have extensive experience in handling TBI cases, will know how to find the right professionals who could testify in court to prove their client’s case.

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