Bronx, NY Personal Injury Lawyer May Be Consulted Even in Small Cases

Personal injury is a case that people can file when they suffer injuries or damages from the mistakes of others. In some cases this can take the form of serious complaints such as medical malpractice, car collisions resulting in grave physical injuries or death, and birth injuries that have endangered the lives of both mother and child. Personal injury, however, is not only limited to these. Some cases that have been filed under personal injury include common mistakes that may not have caused grave injuries, but still resulted in harm on other people. Anyone in the city who is injured or experienced property damage due to someone else’s mistake or negligence can approach a personal injury lawyer in Bronx, NY and seek legal help.

Bronx, NY Personal Injury Lawyer May Be Consulted Even in Small Cases

A good example is the case of Eloise Witherspoon, 63, who was ejected from her seat and fell from an airport express van. She complained that the seatbelts of the van were not working properly, and the driver was reckless. She received $1.3 million in damages, after a settlement was reached on April 22, 2015.

Another good example is the case of Asma Pouzbaris, who filed a complaint against the hospital she was admitted to, after she slipped and fell while walking towards her bathroom because the floor was wet. Ms. Pouzbaris said that there were no cones or signs that indicated the floor was met, and that this was professional negligence.

The two examples both presented simple mistakes on the part of the employees, and by extension, the companies they were working for, but both “simple” mistakes caused harm and injury on their customers or patients. Companies and services have an obligation to always ensure the safety of their premises. Their mistakes may have been simple, but under the eyes of the law harm, no matter the degree, is still harm. Personal injury law is present to remind establishments and professionals alike that they have an obligation to always provide a safe environment for everyone. Simple mistakes such as malfunctioning seatbelts, or the lack of precautionary signs, give testament to how much an establishment cares about their customers and employees.

Personal Injury cases can also be filed for defective products, injuries sustained from road accidents, lack of proper reminders from the establishment, defamation, and libelous statements against someone, which resulted to injury in their social lives, psychological state, and capacity to earn. Anyone who experiences any of these must immediately consult with established Bronx personal injury lawyers, like those from The Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein, and seek help. With enough evidence, complainants could receive compensation for their injuries, as well as compensatory damages for any salary or income loss the accident may have caused them.


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