Brooklyn Injury Lawyers: Overview of Responsibilities and Duties

Accidents are sometimes inevitable. Despite it being completely unintentional, negligence and defective products can cause serious injury to a person. Brooklyn laws state that the manufacturers of the malfunctioning item should be held liable for any injuries their products may cause, and the victim has the right to sue the company and demand for financial compensation in return for all the expenses accrued because of the incident.


Substandard car parts, faulty construction equipment and hazardous drugs are only a few examples of defective products that have resulted in unwelcome accidents and injuries. Since the manufacturers are the ones being sued, most of these defective product class action lawsuits involve going against large corporations. Filing a lawsuit against a company is not something you can simply do on your own; it requires the legal knowledge and expertise of experienced Brooklyn personal injury lawyers.

An injury attorney plays a key role in winning the victims’ cases and holds many responsibilities and obligations towards his/her clients. Personal injury lawyers are not only required to represent the client, but they are also expected to conduct the proper research, investigation and interviews needed to make a compelling case for a client. A personal injury lawyer:

Thoroughly Investigates Case and Gathers Evidence

A personal injury lawyer needs to verify even the smallest facts and details, which is why they inspect and request the proper documentation regarding the victim’s condition. According to an article from, “Your lawyer should suggest for you to get yourself assessed by the physician, and for you to go through physical examinations. Related certificates are required, among other evidences which are up for scrutiny.”

Researches About Laws Applying to Situation

Tort law, or the body of rights that protects individuals who sustained harm from other people’s wrongful acts, is the primary field of law that personal injury attorneys must be experts in. After a thorough research and investigation, attorneys should ascertain whether the claim is valid or not and if they could build a strong enough case out of the existing evidence.

Ensures Client Receives Maximum Compensation

A personal injury lawyer has a duty to protect the best interests of his or her client and must always strive to attain the maximum financial compensation out of a claim. Skilled Brooklyn injury lawyers like The Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein offer legal guidance and advice for such situations.

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