Brooklyn, NY Personal Injury Attorney: Filing Emotional Damage Claims

How does the borough of Brooklyn keep its streets clean? Well, residents have the local government to thank for that. With tools like sanitation trucks, the local government makes sure residents continue to live in clean surroundings. Unfortunately, sometimes, hardworking sanitation truck drivers also figure in accidents, due to weather elements or other reasons.

Truck Overturns

In early February, a garbage truck overturned on Bushwick Avenue in Brooklyn, causing minor injury to an individual. The accident caused traffic disruption, as only one lane was left available to drivers. While the cause of the accident was not immediately known, authorities believed it may have been due to slick roads brought about by heavy snowfall.

Things could have really taken a wrong turn had the garbage truck continued to slide and plow other vehicles on the road. Thankfully, nothing of that sort happened.

Still, in road accidents like this, effects can go beyond the surface, and while a victim may escape permanent injuries, he or she might forever be marred by such a traumatic experience. In cases like this, the victim can consider filing emotional damages claims with the help of an esteemed Brooklyn, NY personal injury attorney.

Unlike personal injury claims from accident victims who sustained major injuries, a claim that centers on emotional damages is often difficult to establish—but not impossible.

Most personal injury claims that involve a major injury often have an emotional damage component in them. After all, individuals who suffer a broken spine, for instance, will most likely face lengthy medical treatment and physical therapy due to their serious condition. They can also lose their ability to earn an income (lost wages). In situations like this, emotional distress is obvious.

A claim based solely on emotional damages is harder to establish, however. What can help is to provide evidence related to the aftermath of a bodily injury, no matter how minor it may have been. Symptoms like ulcers and headaches can be considered as indications of emotional distress.

For a personal injury claim based on emotional damages to have merit, an experienced Brooklyn injury attorney may advise their client to get a certification from their doctor about their emotional struggles. This may prove ample to support an emotional damages claim.

Overall, no matter the scope of a personal injury claim, individuals shouldn’t go about filing it without the help of established lawyers from firms like the Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein. With lawyers’ help, individuals will have a better shot at compensation that’s due to them.

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