Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers: Fighting for Your Employee Rights

Accidents happen when they’re least expected and so you can never be truly prepared for them. That’ why different places such as public parks, your homes, and especially your workplace must have safety measures in place in order to protect lives.

In the case of safety in the workplace, it is important to evaluate your office’s safety measures as well as your rightful compensation as an employee if you get involved in accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Here are some of the must-haves that every employer should provide their workers with, according to

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Employee Compensation

Ideally, the compensation that employees receive should cover work-related accidents, regardless of where it happened such as during business trips. Situations wherein an employee develops illnesses due to chemical exposure, suffers from chronic conditions, long-term results from working such as heart disease, and even stress-related digestive problems should all be addressed by the employer.

In relation to these, employers are also in charge of everything included in the medical expenses of concerned employees and for their off days, they should give their employees replacement income of at least 60% of their regular salary. If the accident caused disabilities to the employee, he should receive long-term benefits from his employer. Death benefits are also among an employee’s required compensation.

Importance of Workplace Safety

People spend most of their time in their offices and aside from the environment and their co-workers, employees should also be wary of other factors that would affect their productivity. Having safety seminars and drills can go a long way to helping employees be aware of proper safety measures.

Neglecting the rights of employees may lead to losses in production and even bankruptcy. Workers who suffered from poor management or any kind of work-related accidents that were not addressed may file cases against their employers with the guidance of a trusted personal injury attorney in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn personal injury lawyers like those from The Law Office of Joseph Lichtenstein specialize in exactly these kinds of cases, as they hold the safety of all workers in the highest esteem. Discuss your issues with such professionals and they will guarantee that you will receive your due.

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