Defective Drug Claims: How a Bronx Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

According to Drug Watch, a dedicated source of information on defective drugs and their harmful effects, almost half of the United States’ population take at least one prescription drug per day. That establishes the prescription drug industry as one of the highest grossing industries in America, worth at least $234 billion in the 21st century. However successful this industry is, there is no denying that many people suffer from the damaging side effects of some of these drugs. If you are a victim of defective drugs, you would need the help of a Bronx personal injury attorney to make a claim.

How a Bronx Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Making a Claim

To have at least a winning chance, you must be able to prove a few things. The first thing you need to establish is that your injuries were caused by the drug. After that, you also need to prove that the drug was improperly marketed and that this is directly linked to your injuries. Reliable Bronx injury lawyers such as The Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein can help see to your claim so you may be compensated.

Types of Liability Claims

Liability claims for defective drugs fall into three categories, which your personal injury lawyer may use for your defense. The first type of liability claim is for pharmaceutical drugs with potential harmful side effects that may result in injury; the most common of are heart attacks. The second type is for defectively manufactured drugs that may cause injury because of the errors committed in manufacturing or handling at basically any point before you received the drugs. The third one is for drugs that are improperly promoted, which implies that the manufacturer, pharmacist, doctor or other medical provider has failed to provide warnings of the drug’s side effect.

Who is Accountable?

In most cases of personal injuries due to the intake of defective drugs, the patient is not at fault. After all, you are the last person in the long chain of distribution. Your lawyer can help you identify the potential defendants in your liability claim, starting with the manufacturer who developed the drug. Next in line is the laboratory where the drug was subjected to a series of tests before it was shipped out to the market. These drugs are sold by sales representatives, who are also equally liable. The doctors and hospital might also be responsible for your personal injury, as well as the pharmacy who sold you the drug.

Drugs are beneficial in curing and preventing illnesses, but in light of their mass production, drugs could cause injuries due to a number of reasons. If you’re a victim of defective drugs, call a Bronx personal injury lawyer immediately.

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