How a Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help After a Car Accident

With more cars on the road, there are also more chances of car accidents happening. In Brooklyn, almost a week doesn’t go by without a traffic accident being reported. From fender benders to fatal crashes, these incidents that happen in New York’s most populous borough can cause various destructions or disturbances, such as minor property damages, life-threatening injuries, or even deaths.

Brooklyn Crash

Last January 8, for instance, an accident took place along Utica Avenue and Clarendon Road in East Flatbush. A black BMW hit a Nissan Altima that was emerging from a parking lot, and the two cars slammed into an MTA bus. Three people from the two cars were critically hurt, while 22 of the bus passengers sustained minor or moderate injuries. According to witnesses, the BMW was speeding, making it likely the driver was going over the new speed limit on Utica Avenue (25 mph from 30 mph). The driver is likely to be charged.

There are many factors involved in cases like these, and if you were one of the victims, you might need help from a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer in getting compensation. Accidents involving multiple cars can be complex, especially when there are no impartial witnesses, surveillance footage, and other pieces of evidence. Here’s when and how legal representation can help:

When Fault Is Contested

While New York is a No-fault state, it allows bodily injury claims. The driver at fault or the insurance company may refuse to pay personal injury damages if it is difficult to prove the driver’s fault, or if they contend you or another party is to blame. In these cases, you need a skilled lawyer to help you build your case and get compensation.

When There’s a Great Amount of Money on the Line

Did you lose a lot financially during the accident or after it happened? Did you max out your health insurance and had to pay expensive medical bills on top of losing income for a few weeks or months? A great amount of money may be on the line for your case, and it may need to be litigated in court. A lawyer can help in itemizing what needs to be paid by the defendant (e.g. medical expenses, emotional damages, etc.), and in representing you during litigation.

When You Sustain Serious or Debilitating Injuries

Likewise, if the accident leaves the victim in critical condition or with a permanent disability, the defendant would be liable for more compensation. Experienced injury lawyers in Brooklyn, such as those in The Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein, can provide legal counsel and representation to help you be proactive with your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

(Source: 25 Injured in Brooklyn Crash Involving MTA Bus and Two Cars, New York Magazine. January 8, 2015)

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