Too Little, Too Late: How to Know When It's The Right Time To Look For A Birth Injury Lawyer

When your baby is a victim of a birth injury or congenital disability, it can be very stressful to handle. Many parents juggle their emotions and might not know where to begin, especially when it comes to seeking justice or their child.

It is important to know when to hire a birth injury lawyer so that you can know how to seek compensation and get justice. In America today, in every 1000 infants born, 6 to 8 are victims of birth injury. This translates to 9,714 infants in a year.

Are you a victim of a birth injury? Read on to know how more about birth injury and when it is the right time to look for a birth injury lawyer.

What Is a Birth Injury?

Commonly known as obstetrical malpractice, these injuries are the result of various causes. Generally, they occur due to negligence on the part of the healthcare providers.

Birth injuries can occur at any point throughout the pregnancy and during childbirth. They include:

  • Wrong diagnosis during pregnancy
  • Surgical negligence
  • Any delays or failure to deal with fetal distress
  • Failing to manage gestational diabetes
  • Failing to handle premature delivery well
  • Not performing a C-section on time
  • Any negligence during labor and/or delivery and more.

If you suspect that the birth injury is as a result of negligence, you need to get a lawyer who can help you determine if the injury was preventable. The lawyer will also advise you on the next action that you should take.

Who Is a Birth Injury Attorney?

Medical malpractice suits associated with newborns are best handled with professional and experienced birth injury lawyers. Most professionals are capable of handling general law, but some dedicate their focus on a particular field.

Birth injury lawyers focus on medical malpractice on newborns. When you hire a birth injury lawyer, you increase your chances of winning the case. These lawyers work with families to help them fight for justice.

When to Hire a Birth Injury Lawyer

There are a lot of ways that a child can suffer an injury during birth. Your child can suffer a brain injury that can result in cerebral palsy, muscle-related injuries, spinal cord injuries, infections, and more.

Due to the nature of some of these injuries, they are never easy to identify and the symptoms also vary from one child to another. Some injuries, however, can cause very severe symptoms leading to early diagnosis.

You need to call your birth injury lawyer as soon as you notice symptoms of a birth injury. This can be anytime between childbirth to 18 years. The length of validity for birth injuries might vary according to the state of residence.

Remember, regardless of the injury or when the symptoms manifest, you do not have to shoulder the financial burden on your own. Seek counsel from an experienced birth injury lawyer immediately to know possible action to take and how to handle the claim.

Why You Need a Birth Injury Lawyer

Malpractice cases are never easy to handle. A well-experienced birth injury lawyer understands the medical industry and has a connection to medical professionals who they can call as an expert witness.

You have a better chance of winning the case and getting good compensation when you work with a birth injury lawyer. Such cases require a lot of time and resources and good medical malpractice firms have enough resources that you will need.

Medical malpractice cases are very time-sensitive and you need the best lawyer to investigate and compile your case promptly. Given that statute of limitations also apply to such cases, you will need a lawyer who can be able to adhere to the set deadlines.

Birth injury cases can be complicated; your family lawyer might not be able to help. You will benefit from the services of a professional and experienced birth injury lawyer so that you can reach a desirable settlement or be awarded a good compensation.

How Will a Birth Lawyer Help?

A professional cerebral palsy lawyer and any other birth injury lawyer will be able to:

  • Put together a compelling case that will give it a higher chance of success
  • Review the case and come up with a plan of action
  • Investigate the case and compile evidence
  • They will advise you on the best solution: accept the settlement offered or proceed to court.

Your lawyer will have your best interest at heart and will save you from any unnecessary stress that comes with dealing with claims and court cases. Ensure that you provide your birth injury lawyer with the necessary evidence including the medical records that they need for the case.

Handling conditions like cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, and any other injury resulting from negligence from a medical practitioner can be expensive. Your compensation will come in handy in dealing with the cost of treatment and in managing the condition.

Consider This Guide to Know Why and When to Hire a Birth Injury Lawyer

Birth injuries can change the life of your family in no time. Knowing when to hire a birth injury lawyer will help you manage and handle the stress that comes with dealing with such injuries better. Filing for a medical malpractice claim means you are dealing with experienced professionals and having an experienced lawyer is the best way to handle such cases.

We are experts in medical malpractice. We have worked with families who have been victims of medical negligence and birth injuries, to help then have what they are legally entitled to in the event of such cases.

If you need a birth injury lawyer, visit our website and check out our services. Get in touch with us immediately for more information.

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