Injury Claims: How to Find a Long Island, NY Personal Injury Lawyer

Millions of people around the world are injured in accidents that could happen practically anytime and anywhere. Some accidents are inevitable and are bound to happen whether you’re at home, at work or taking a leisurely stroll outdoors, and in most cases, someone made a mistake that led to another person being injured. So if you’ve suffered an injury due to the fault or negligence of another, the next thing to do is to file an injury claim.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Now, you may thank that finding a dependable lawyer would be an easy enough task. Make no mistake, personal injury law is very complicated and without the proper legal assistance, you may find yourself in more trouble than you’re already in. This is where experienced Long Island personal injury attorneys can help you. All you need to do is find one.

Referrals and Personal Recommendations

If you need a lawyer who can help with your car accident or defective drug case, the safest and surest way to find a personal injury lawyer in Long Island, NY is through referrals. You can talk to your family members, friends and other acquaintances who have gone through the injury claims process before. They can recommend lawyers who have successfully represented them in their personal injury claims. Set up a meeting with the lawyers before hiring one whom you think would represent you best.

Membership Organizations

State bar organizations often have referral services for those looking for lawyers. Organizations provide lists of their members but may not provide enough information to know if a lawyer is qualified to represent you in your injury claim. So when you’re looking up names, make sure to find a referral service that also lists particular qualifications. Some organizations also have online directories of their members for the convenience of clients.

Other Lawyers

You might know someone who practices law or works in another law-related profession. More often than not, they can refer you to a lawyer within their network who handles personal injury cases. Most lawyers also refer cases to one another so be sure to get suggestions or even additional information to help you with your claim.


Advertisements are literally everywhere. They’re on billboards, park benches, posters, newspapers and even on TV so odds are you will encounter an ad that features a personal injury lawyer. You can also look for lawyers on yellow pages.

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