Long Island Personal Injury Attorney: Justice for Worksite Injuries

It takes professional representation to stand a chance at getting ample compensation for woes you suffered at a construction site. In a December 18, 2014, article for the New York Post, Sophia Rosenbaum reported on a beleaguered immigrant construction worker who received an unforgettable Christmas gift: a $62-million injury compensation package from the Queens Supreme Court.

Injured construction worker gets record $62M single-plaintiff award

The move comes as the Tri-State Area is enjoying the benefits of a highly-charged construction boom. A leading business newspaper said costs of new buildings in New York City are running in the tens of billions of dollars due to many contractors charging hefty sums for their services while scrambling to hire as many workers as they could. Long Island is not immune from this either, as some top developers aim to build apartments in the traditionally suburban region.

Still, the human factor must never be sacrificed in the name of progress and tight project deadlines. That’s where an established Long Island personal injury attorney from offices like The Law Firm of Joseph M. Lichtenstein, PC, can bring his (or her) skills to the fore and help you stand a chance at winning fair compensation.

Injury lawsuits place the heaviest burden on the plaintiff to prove their case in court. The Queens Supreme Court found that Lin Zeng Guang fell 20 feet off a roof during an assignment for a Bronx real estate developer in 2008, sustaining multiple injuries, including brain injuries verified by MRI and CAT-scans. The case was corroborated by the testimonies of 20 employees who said Lin was not issued the proper safety equipment.

The evidence amassed may help the court reach a favorable decision with regards to the level of compensation—something that a crew of personal injury attorneys from Long Island like The Law Firm of Joseph M. Lichtenstein P.C. are proficient in presenting. The court’s decision broke down the award, as follows: $61,000 for Lin’s medical bills, $20 million for past pain and suffering, and $42 million for future pain and suffering. The original demand was $55 million overall.

The construction industry is no doubt a high-risk profession. If a developer or contractor is found to have lapsed in safety measures for its tradespeople, it is important not to delay the need to seek advice. With a reasonable set of evidence well within reach, one can still hold an errant company accountable with the help of a personal injury attorney who will see your case through.

(Source: Injured construction worker gets record $62M single-plaintiff award, New York Post, 18 December 2014)

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