Long Island Personal Injury Attorneys: Seniors and Defective Drugs

When drugs do more harm than good, patients are at a huge disadvantage, particularly the elderly. Senior citizens are especially at risk with the prescription drugs they need to keep their health in check. If your elderly loved one has fallen victim to a worsening condition or have suffered injuries due to severe drug interactions, you can help get justice and compensation by taking legal action with the help of trusted Long Island personal injury attorneys.


Proving Your Claim

Unfortunately, if your elderly loved one has suffered an injury because of a drug, you can’t just walk right up to a court and point fingers. The law will always demand a fair hearing which means that you have to provide evidence to prove your claim. It is important that you hire a personal injury lawyer in Long Island, NY early on to help you build a strong case. To build a foolproof case, you should prove three things: (1) an individual has been taking a drug for a specific time period, (2) the injuries resulted from taking a drug during this time and (3) the individual has no knowledge of the drug’s dangerous side effects.

Filing a Lawsuit

In most states, defective drug cases need to be filed within two to three years of the incident, which is why the earlier you build a case, the better your chances of getting compensation. Your lawyer will walk you through the process of preparing a strong case for you and filing a lawsuit so that you can make those responsible— from the drug manufacturer to the pharmacy that continue to sell the drugs—answer for the injuries sustained.

Getting Compensation

If the court rules in your favor and holds the defendants that have been identified liable for the injuries, you may receive compensation. This should cover costs of visits to the hospital, treatments, and additional medication, and other underlying expenses required for recovery. The amount of compensation received will depend on the severity of injuries, types of injuries, drug warnings, and the like. However, it is estimated that most seniors affected by defective drugs get compensation within six months to two years.

Defective drugs can cause serious injuries and can even lead to death. Help your elderly loved ones get the justice they deserve by contacting a lawyer from a renowned law firm like The Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein.

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