Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer: When Worker’s Comp is Not Enough

When filing claims for a construction accident, the tiniest details matter. Right after a slip or fall, for instance, you have to notify the owner of the premises or an authority (e.g. the owner of the building, your contractor, the city or town, etc.) immediately. You have to note down the names of the witnesses, the circumstances surrounding the accident. Pictures of the scene, which smartphones have made much easier, may also serve as part of your evidence.

Starting a Slip or Fall Injury Claim

If you got hurt, you have to seek medical treatment immediately. Go to your doctor, or ask anyone around to take you to the emergency room or an urgent care clinic. Explain in detail to the health professional attending you how the accident happened since your medical records can be used by insurance companies in studying your case. If you’re required to file a report, make sure the details are accurate there, too, since inconsistencies can be used against you.

Although the monetary awards of worker’s compensation can significantly help you in the wages you lose and the medical expenses you need to pay for, there will be times when they won’t be enough. For instance, there are some disabilities that will force you to quit your job altogether and possibly prevent you from jobs with the same skill requirements. There are also times when you think a certain party should be held liable for your injury. A Long Island personal injury lawyer can help in those scenarios.

Severe Disabilities or Diseases

The prevalent injuries in construction sites usually involve slips and falls that injure the limbs, the spine, or the head of the worker. The end-result may be as severe as amputations or paralysis. In other cases, the worker may acquire serious diseases or conditions like respiratory infections, lead toxicity, heat stroke or frostbite, burns, and even cancer from exposure to chemicals. Obviously, these would require expensive treatments, long recovery periods, and even a lifetime of suffering, which may not be matched by the benefits from worker’s comp.

Liable Parties

When your employer or the company that got you as a contractor were negligible (perhaps in surveying the construction site, advising you of the proper precautions, or equipping you with safety tools), they may be accountable for your injuries. On the other hand, when a defective equipment was the main cause of the injury, the manufacturer may have product liability.

An experienced injury attorney in Long Island, such as Joseph Lichtenstein, can discuss your case and its legal implications. An attorney can help you acquire the necessary evidence to prove liability and will represent you in an intimidating court trial.

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