Manhattan Medical Malpractice Lawyer Discusses Joan River’s Death

Joan Rivers has elicited millions of laughs during her 50-year career, so it’s especially tragic that it wasn’t old age or illness that ultimately silenced the irreverent comedienne, but apparent medical malpractice. Not surprisingly, this article from reports that the comic icon’s daughter is planning to level a lawsuit against one of the doctors who treated her mother:

Joan Rivers’ daughter is moving ahead with plans to sue the Upper East Side doctor at the center of an investigation into her mother’s death, a friend said.

Dr. Gwen Korovin, suspected of triggering the 81-year-old comedian’s demise by performing an unscheduled biopsy, continues to see patients — and is even accepting new ones.

“It’s very difficult to discuss something so unpleasant with her, but she is going to launch a lawsuit,” a friend of Melissa Rivers told the Daily Mail.

“Korovin maintains privileges at one of the city’s most prestigious hospitals. She is respected and admired by her peers in the medical community and she is revered by her patients,” Korovin’s lawyer, Michael Kelton, said in a statement released to the Daily Mail.

Melissa Rivers will sue doctor suspected of causing joan Rivers Death

What Happened?
The cause of the senior Rivers’ death is still shrouded in uncertainty, but multiple reports claim that she went to the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic in Manhattan for minor elective surgery on her throat, but went into cardiac and respiratory arrest in the middle of the procedure. She was then rushed to the Mount Sinai Hospital where she would expire on September 4.

As a result, a lot of speculation has floated around on the exact cause of Rivers’ death, from botched endoscopies, to “unauthorized procedures,” and even the infamous impromptu biopsy (which the clinic has since denied). However, one thing is clear: something obviously went wrong in the otherwise routine procedure.

Aside from this, it appears that the practice had not yet certified Dr. Korovin to treat patients, which is a requirement of New York health laws. According to reports, she had performed a laryngoscopy on Rivers when she was only authorized to observe Dr. Lawrence Cohen, the clinic’s medical director.

What’s Next?
Since Rivers’ was making substantial money right until her passing, her family stands to receive millions of dollars should they file and win a lawsuit. Of course, high-profile doctors can afford to hire powerful attorneys on their side. As such, victims of medical negligence and their families would do well to hire a respected Manhattan medical malpractice lawyer like Atty. Joseph Lichtenstein.

Fewer Laughs
As the death of Joan Rivers proves, medical malpractice in New York can occur even in seemingly simple procedures. In cases of wrongful deaths, expert legal advice is needed to get the justice and recompense that grieving families deserve.


(Source: Melissa Rivers will sue doctor suspected of causing Joan Rivers’ death: report,, October 2, 2014)

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