Need-to-Know Facts before Consulting a New York Birth Injury Attorney

Attending physicians are responsible for the welfare of the mother and her newborn, especially during the entire process of labor. They are expected to have a clear idea of what to do in case a complication occurs during childbirth. Even before that, though, they are also responsible for ensuring that both mother and child are kept healthy all throughout the pregnancy.

However, even with extensive knowledge and experience, these professionals can sometimes still be vulnerable to committing mistakes in their duties that sometimes lead to serious injuries.

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Birth injuries from medical negligence cause permanent damage to the child, which are mostly non-curable. Simply defined, it is the trauma that infants suffer from complications during delivery, a situation that doctors should be adept in enough to prevent. Your child is more likely to suffer from birth injury if he or she is malnourished or delivered with difficulty. Long-term consequences of birth injuries include bone structures and brain damage.

One of the more common and more notorious injuries that newborns suffer from birth is the brain disorder Cerebral Palsy (CP). Patients with cerebral palsy endure a lifetime of severe health risks and infirmities, all of which could have been prevented if not for medical malpractice. If you think that your attending physician may have caused your child to suffer from cerebral palsy because of his negligence, you better start consulting with an experienced New York birth injury attorney right now.

Injuries such as cerebral palsy happen when doctors fail to perform early detections and other necessary tests before the child was born. Doctors may be sued when they fail to properly observe factors that might lead to difficult labor, such as the size of the baby, positions of the umbilical cord and fetal heartbeat. The worst case scenario would be the death of a newborn, which could result to serious litigations for the practitioner.

Accomplished New York birth injury attorneys, like those from The Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein, should be able to provide the most practical and feasible legal advice to couples with a birth injury claim. These law firms who focus their area of practice in birth injuries can guide parents and families into getting justice their children deserve.

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