New York Birth Injury Lawyer Helps Find Support for Children with CP

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reported a drop in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) charges in 2014, according to the latest statistics. From FY 2013’s total of 25,957, FY 2014 saw a 2.27-percent drop to 25,369. Around 96 percent of the total number of cases in FY 2014 were resolved, of which 62 percent were via no reasonable cause, meaning the EEOC found no evidence of discrimination.

New York Birth Injury Lawyer Helps Find Support for Children with CP

The difficulty to find employment is one of the painful realities persons with disability, including adults with cerebral palsy (CP) have to go through. CP manifests differently in every individual. While there are those who can express themselves verbally or walk on their own, there are others who would need advanced communication gadgets, mobility aids, and/or assistance from another person.

While persons with CP can find redress for any workplace discrimination through the courts, the road to employment is never easy. There will always be preconceived notions about their abilities, particularly for those who lack independent mobility or are non-verbal. It has been established over the years, however, that with prompt and proper management, and with the latest technologies available to mitigate certain disabilities, many persons with CP can develop into highly productive individuals.

Early intervention is ideal in mitigating the effects of CP, making timely diagnosis important. Once the condition is diagnosed, a care plan will need to be created to address the long term needs of the child and improve his or her psychological, physical, mental, and social development.

Through all these, the services of various professionals may be needed, including physical therapists, in-home caregivers, special educators, and medical doctors. Needless to say, these will entail hefty expenses that could prove a burden to parents. This is why as soon as a diagnosis is made, parents of children with CP should immediately consult a New York birth injury lawyer.

Cause determination is important as it will help in planning a child’s care, as well as in finding financial support. One of the possible causes is asphyxia or oxygen deprivation during childbirth, which, in many cases, have been found to be the result of medical malpractice, or negligence on the part of doctors and medical care givers. An experienced New York cerebral palsy attorney can help parents piece together the details of their case to determine if medical malpractice has taken place, and pursue just compensation when warranted.

Persons with CP can have highly productive and fruitful lives as adults, but they will need all the help they can get from childhood. Parents who believe their child suffered from a case of medical malpractice should not hesitate to seek badly needed compensation to help provide for their child’s development to adulthood.

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