New York Birth Injury Lawyer Helps Get Justice for Cerebral Palsy

Expectant mothers in New York want nothing more than their child to be born healthy, which is why they invest a huge portion of their wealth to prepare for childbirth. Sadly, medical malpractice can ruin everything. A small error in the birthing process can cause the child to be born with cerebral palsy, a group of neurological conditions that cause physical disability in human development. contributor Rose Welton elaborates on the effects of cerebral palsy on a child’s life in one of her articles:


Cerebral palsy might be accompanied by a perception disorder that makes it harder for a child to master cognitive abilities like fine motor skills. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that more than 40 percent of children with cerebral palsy suffer from an intellectual disability. In some cases, the condition can result in mental retardation, all of which can hinder or halt development in the areas of language or critical thinking.


A child with cerebral palsy can also have challenges with social development, especially if a speech problem is present. Communication can be challenging, and cerebral palsy can hinder the development of social skills like empathy and consistent interaction. The differences between a child with cerebral palsy and the other children in his peer group can also lead to overall social isolation.

Effects of Cerebral Palsy on a Childs Development

Cerebral palsy may result from different kinds of failure, including delay in performing necessary caesarian procedure, failure to detect prolapsed umbilical cord, and failure to detect and properly treat infection in the mother during pregnancy. Birth-related malpractice such as these may also injure the mother in many ways, such as when there has been an excessive material blood loss.

Looking at how much a child will suffer for the rest of his life, one can conclude that this is a case not to be taken lightly. The medical professionals who allegedly caused the defect must pay for the damage, which includes the financial repercussions of needing a long-term care plan. Any parent who wants to obtain justice must hire a New York birth injury lawyer.

A New York cerebral palsy lawyer can help prove to the court that the child’s defect was caused by medical malpractice. Competent lawyers from firms like The Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein are confident of their skills, such that they promise not to get paid for their service if they lose the case. It helps to entrust one’s case to these lawyers when pursuing this kind of litigation.


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