New York City Medical Malpractice Lawyers Seek Justice of Misdiagnosis

A misdiagnosis often tends to carry dangerous consequences. You need the counselling of New York City medical malpractice lawyers to see that accountability must fall with the medical practitioner who made the call. CBS News’ Ryan Jaslow said this was the case in a study from Ireland that detailed 7,150 medical malpractice suits from several countries, which included 15 misdiagnosis suits against American primary care doctors.

A check of the polled misdiagnosis claims showed that many cases were actually about cancer or heart attacks among adult patients, but the doctors allegedly overlooked the warning signs for both ailments. Missed cancer diagnosis, along with meningitis, was also found in cases of child patients, Jaslow said of the study data.



While the New York State’s efforts to make health insurance more accessible and light on the pocket for residents as the Affordable Care Act give them the opportunity for improved treatment, there also comes the possibility that they may fall victim to misdiagnosis by their doctors.

It is up to the medical practitioners to ensure that they follow all required protocols when handling a patient, but at the same time, it is up to the patient to make sure that their doctors are held accountable should they conduct their job poorly. For this, you need top-caliber representation from lawyers like those at The Law Firm of Joseph M. Lichtenstein, PC to find justice and closure.

Your lawyer must have access to your records to determine where your physician may have misdiagnosed. The degree of compensation sought relies on the court’s determination of certain factors, such as the level of emotional/psychological suffering and the amount invested in the treatments and medical appointments.

Your malpractice lawyer will exercise the utmost caution in this matter and argue for the most valid points. This is vital, considering that only one-third of all claims in the U.S. resulted in the respondents agreeing to a compensation package, as the abovementioned study noted.

No one wants to suffer as a result of a physician carrying lapses of judgment in treating you or a loved one. That’s why it’s important to enlist a team of New York City medical malpractice attorneys to be granted just compensation for your woes.

(Source: Most common medical malpractice claims for missed cancer, heart attacks, CBS News)

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