NYC Medical Malpractice Lawyers Share Three Medical Malpractice Cases

When a patient goes to the doctor, he or she is entitled to a certain standard of medical care. There are times, however, when a doctor doesn’t do his job to the fullest of his abilities, leading to instances when the medical professional directly contributes to a patient’s pain, injury, and in worst cases, death. Such instances have the makings of a medical malpractice case.

If New Yorkers like you believe that you or someone else is a victim of medical malpractice, the best thing to do is to consult medical malpractice lawyers in NYC on how to proceed. Filing a lawsuit against the negligent medical professional is ultimately the best way to prevent your problem from happening to others, not to mention your best chance at receiving compensation. That said, here are examples of instances when medical malpractice litigation becomes a necessary alternative.

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Graham Reeves

In early 2000, 70-year old Graham Reeves underwent nephrectomy to have his diseased right kidney removed. Two surgeons, however, mistakenly removed the other one. Reeves passed away five weeks later.

Kim Tutt

Upon getting her jaw X-rayed at the dental office, Kim Tutt was told she had cancer on the left side of her jaw and had between three to six months to live. The doctors told her she could have three more months if they removed that part of her chin and replaced it with bone from her leg. Months after undergoing the procedure, she learned that she may have not have had cancer at all, and her previous diagnosis was the result of a mix-up in the lab.

Daryoush Mazarei

There are about 1,500 cases a year in the U.S. involving foreign objects being left in the person’s body after surgery. Daryoush Mazarei was one of these cases. Two years after undergoing surgery, Daryoush had a CT scan and discovered a 10-inch long retractor had been left in his lower abdomen, a remnant of when a shunt had been installed there to drain fluid from his brain.

All of these stories highlight the need for patients to be vigilant about the care they receive from their medical providers, and their right to seek justice where it is due. Experienced NYC medical malpractice lawyers like those from The Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein can help you receive the reparation you deserve.

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