Personal Injury Attorney from the Bronx Will Represent Crash Victims

There are instances of car crashes where the authorities themselves may be liable to a certain degree and held accountable. The New York Daily News has one such story affecting the vaunted New York Police Department. A married couple, both serving NYPD officers, want to hold the city responsible for their daughter’s injury woes in the wake of a car chase on November 18, 2014.

NYPD officers to sue city for $70 million for their daughter’s car chase injuries

The above can be all but commonplace in a bustling metropolis like New York City. Manhattanites still have fresh memories of bikers chasing and mauling Alexian Lien at the Henry Hudson Parkway in September 2013, and nobody knows where the next police chase will occur. If a vehicular incident affected you or your loved one, seek the services of a personal injury attorney from the Bronx like those at The Law Firm of Joseph M. Lichtenstein, PC.

A Different Kind of Merge

Tracing the facts and the origins of the car crash with the help of a Bronx injury lawyer or attorney is paramount. Court records obtained by the Daily News revealed that detectives at Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn were flagging down a white van whose driver allegedly participated in a few recent pharmacy robberies. The driver suddenly sped off prompting the detectives to chase the suspect for seven miles. The van slammed into the victim’s car twice as it was turning at Avenue U and Burnett St. in Marine Park.


The degree of injuries suffered by the mother and daughter (and another passenger) helps assess the potential damages to be sought from the respondent. Sources said the victim, Natalie Ferber, suffered traumatic brain injuries and later went comatose. Her mother who was behind the wheel, off-duty Sgt. Nancy Lawrence-Ferber, and a friend were also injured; a representative said the Ferber family sought $70 million in compensation.

Other Side

Some errors in procedures may add more foundation to your case. NYPD chase procedures specifically ban high-speed pursuits through the city, but department officials are still investigating if the detectives were ordered to fall back. The Ferber camp is also seeking footage from the squad cars and data from the on-site accident reconstruction team, as well as the names of the detectives who gave chase.

The danger of losing a loved one under such protracted circumstances will be disastrous for their family. A team of counsels like The Law Firm of Joseph M. Lichtenstein, PC, will exercise all available options to give your case a fighting chance.

(Source: NYPD officers to sue city for $70 million for their daughter’s car chase injuries, NY Daily News, 1 January 2015)

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