Personal Injury Attorney in Bronx: Assessing Liability in Accidents

Personal injury is a case that someone can file if he/she suffers harm due to someone else’s mistake or negligence. The plaintiff may sue persons who may be both directly or indirectly involved, as long as they played a role in the event that caused the injuries.

Take for example the box truck accident that happened in Queens in April this year. According to a witness, the truck driver was trying to beat a red light and unexpectedly smacked into a Honda, and then a school bus, and finally ran into a fruit market where one woman was unfortunately pinned under the truck. The accident also injured a child, who was immediately transported to the nearest hospital. In this situation, the child and the woman are both eligible to file a case and demand for compensation to cover their medical bills and other expenses related to their injuries.  If the woman is unable to work for a certain period in time due to her injuries, the truck driver, or the trucking company must also pay for her lost income.

Personal Injury Attorney in Bronx Assessing Liability in Accidents

The injured persons are not the only ones eligible for filling a personal injury case. If one of the kids in the school bus ended up developing emotional trauma, and would need counseling, the truck driver/company can also be made liable for it. A personal injury attorney in Bronx can help locals who find themselves in such predicaments go after the compensation they deserve.

Another case to look at is an accident in West 46th Street where a driver smashed his food truck into three cars, a tree, and a building. According to the police, the driver had some technical issues with the truck. In cases like this where mechanical failure is involved, the driver may not be held liable for the consequences of the accident. However, if an investigation reveals that the driver and the trucking company knew that the vehicle was not in good condition prior to the accident, then they become accountable for their lack of response to fix the problem that caused the accident.

Additionally, an eyewitness in the West 46th Street accident said “He must have been ill because he just started smacking into cars and then the building. “ If the driver was indeed ill, and still drove the truck albeit not being in a good condition, then he is liable. If the trucking company knew the driver was sick and let him drive then they are indirectly responsible and can also be charged.

An experienced Bronx injury lawyer like one from The Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein can help victims determine who to seek compensation from in situations like this.


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