Personal Injury Attorney in Long Island Tackles When to Settle or Sue

In any injury you incur on the road, an attorney’s advice will be substantial in getting the rightful compensation. Personal injury attorneys can help you determine who’s responsible for the injury and what that accountability would be worth. They can tell you how much you can receive as a monetary benefit when you settle or sue.

16 Points to Remember When Negotiating a Small Personal Injury Claim

Likewise, they have a more specific idea on how insurance companies or adjusters work. They may know if the involved party or their insurance company is known for settling small injury cases or if they won’t do so unless there’s litigation. Moreover, they may be able to help you maximize what you can claim or what you can be awarded in court with efficient and timely collection of relevant evidence in order to present a much stronger case.

Oftentimes, when you file a lawsuit for personal injury, the insurance company will attempt to settle before a trial ensues or as it progresses. Although the amount they offer may be significant, it doesn’t always mean that it’s in your best interests to settle. Sometimes, going to court may not be worth the risk of ending up not receiving anything in the end. If you get injured in a truck accident, get a personal injury attorney in Long Island to discuss the legal implications of your case and decide whether to settle or sue.

Settlements vs. Litigation: The Pros and Cons

Settlements are the faster route. Say, you got in a fender bender where a truck is at fault. The trucker’s insurance company can respond to your demand letter favorably, and you can receive compensation more quickly than if you opted to go through a trial. You also avoid the stress and uncertainties typical of hearings. However, some insurance companies may fail to respond to demand letters, or you could be awarded an unreasonable amount.

If you go to court, you let an impartial judge or jury make the decision of how much you should be paid based on all the evidence presented. Again, there is a risk for you to end up empty-handed and it will be an expensive, time-consuming process, but if you have a strong case, you can be awarded a generous amount. Usually, you can receive as much as all the expenses for the medical treatment you received for your injuries, as well as other non-monetary losses from the accident.

These are the common issues—the pros and cons that you can weigh with practiced Long Island injury lawyers, such as those from The Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein.

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