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It has frequently been written that people with cerebral palsy must be cared for to the utmost. Has anyone wondered, however, how it really feels like to have the disease?

Most cerebral palsy patients aren’t expected to live beyond youth, so not all of them can really give a detailed account of their own lives—while also considering their physical capabilities. Kim Dame of Hernando Today writes about the extraordinary life of 79-year old palsy patient Arlene Sollis, who’s opted to keep on living without minding her condition.

That spunk has sustained Sollis her entire life, battling cerebral palsy since birth. On Oct. 14 she published her memoirs, narrating her life in a book titled “I Came – I Stayed.” She holds the book proudly and signs an autograph.


The book details Sollis’ life from the beginning. Some facts were taken from her memory and told with smooth narration. Others she described as told to her. The result is a beautifully delivered story of perseverance and faith, overcoming immense challenges and building a life that proved she was given an undeniable purpose.

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Speaking to Street Insider, Sollis remarked that the reason she wrote her book is the belief that her story is a good thing to share with other disabled people, parents of disabled children, educators, and caregivers who could use a first-person experience of having cerebral palsy—an experience chronicled in all its difficult realities.

There’s a reason that Sollis’ life has been a constant struggle. A user’s post on the forums vividly explains how a patient feels, describing a feeling of constant pain, which is compared to “several boa constrictor snakes squeezing the bones into dust all the time”. The pain, however, is beyond physical; an article by another palsy patient touches on the constant discrimination he experienced when he was in high school. This is the reality of cerebral palsy in its purest form—the reason why an experienced New York birth injury lawyer from firms like the Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein actively fights for the rights of his clients.

As a responsible parent, you should know that cerebral palsy can be caused either by accident or neglect. It’s a disease caused by a brain injury or malformation that occurs before, during, or immediately after birth. Whatever comes, a certain party may be held responsible for the child’s future well-being.

Ultimately, cerebral palsy can only be prevented and not cured. No one has the right to experience the hardships of having the disease, so once a party is deemed liable, they must be proven so with the help of a skilled New York cerebral palsy lawyer.

(Source: Spring Hill Woman Documents her Cerebral Palsy Fight, Hernando Today, November 30, 2014)

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