Seasoned Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers Help in Protecting Children

Children can be a vibrant bunch especially if you spend a lot of quality time with them. The problem may lie, though, in some of the things you give them that turn out to have potential for injuries. One such product is the Gift Gallery Moody Face Stress Ball, which was recently recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The CPSC said in its recall order that the stress balls posed a choking hazard to young children as they can disintegrate once squeezed. The recall orders were sent to Wegmans Food Market branches in six Northeast states, which had 7,000 stress balls on stock at $1 apiece. All of them have been recalled, while customers who bought the item have been encouraged to return the items to Wegmans for a refund.

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The stress balls may not have been primarily manufactured as toys, but their design and appearance closely resemble those of toys, making them highly attractive to children. Therein lies the hazards these products pose.

Brooklyn parents should be wary about developments like this, and watch out not only for toys, but other merchandise that may pass off as such. The New York City borough has a hefty number of stores to choose from, many of which sell products geared to children, including some branches of popular toy store chains.

The toy industry is heavily regulated, but this has not completely eliminated products that pose a danger to children. If your child reaps some injuries due to quality and/or design defects of a toy–or a product that resembles one, seek the assistance of veteran Brooklyn personal injury lawyers like the team at The Law Offices of Joseph M. Lichtenstein in getting due compensation for the injuries.

One of the things a team of seasoned Brooklyn injury lawyers will do is to review a product’s labels to see if they contain information on how the product could be safely used. Without such a label, a product liability case may be warranted. In the case of the Moody Face Stress Balls, there was no information about the product’s use on the labels and packaging.

Another important aspect of toy safety is lead content. Lead poisoning can have serious and long term effects in a child, which is why lead content is one of the primary areas of scrutiny in toys. Violations of rules governing lead content will merit hefty penalties.

Being able to nurture a child through their formative years requires adept attention and dedication to see things all the way. Hiring a credible lawyer to aid in product-liability-related injuries can make a difference in securing adequate compensation and help improve toy design.

(Source: Wegmans recalls Moody Face Stress Balls, Consumer Affairs, 17 December 2014)

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