Seek the Aid of New York Birth Injury Lawyers in Case of Birth Injury

“On a national level, approximately three incidents of birth injuries occur every hour, equating to more than 2,300 per month,” and these injuries can happen during labor and delivery and right after. A birth injury is defined by as a “health problem that an infant is born with that is, in most cases, completely preventable.” Dedicated New York birth injury lawyers act as advocates for families who have suffered due to these birth injuries.

Is my child the victim of a birth injury

One of the most common birth injuries is brachial plexus palsy, which entails nerve damage from the base of the neck to the upper arms caused by overt force while handling forceps or other instruments during the birth process. Also, failure to recognize the baby’s distress can lead to hypoxia or oxygen deprivation. Lack of oxygen may lead to seizures, brain trauma, or cerebral palsy.

Pregnancy must be properly handled and the baby monitored regularly from the initial sonograms, to the time of birth, to the period following the delivery. Doctors have legal obligations to follow the medical standards of care to ensure the mother’s and the baby’s health. Failure to comply with these standards can lead to birth injuries and other complications to the pregnancy. Furthermore, if injuries or infection resulting from birth aren’t addressed immediately, they may result in additional complications.

Birth injuries can have a big impact not only on the child but on the parents as well. The worst cases can be fatal, and those that aren’t may still be a hindrance to the child, limiting his or her capability to grow to his full potential. Not all is lost, however, as there are special therapies, support groups, technologies, and surgeries that may help make the most of their situation.

In the event of a birth injury, a birth injury lawyer in NYC can help bring justice to the family who has suffered due to negligence during labor or childbirth. These lawyers are highly familiar with these types of cases and will be able to help affected families get the compensation they deserve to secure the long-term costs of caring for the child.

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