Trusted Manhattan Medical Malpractice Lawyers Care for Urgent Care

Illnesses, even the smallest or the most minor of them, are often unforeseen and unpredictable, and may need immediate attention from a physician. This is where urgent care services come in: in the absence of your physician or doctor, urgent care services are given the authority to perform the most basic laboratory or x-ray services to tend to a patient’s minor injuries and ailments. However, even they are susceptible to mistakes and lapses in judgment, and you might need to contact a reliable Manhattan medical malpractice attorney once they commit grave and irreversible errors.

Trusted Manhattan Medical Malpractice Lawyers Care for Urgent Care

The Essence of Time

Among urgent care providers, they believe that time is of the essence when aiding their patients, whoever they are. Urgent Care News understands that what most patients look for in these facilities is their ability to accommodate patients even without an appointment or spending time in the waiting room. Urgent care providers therefore aim to save more time for the patients by reducing the waiting times they usually experience in hospitals, and provide the treatment they need as soon as possible. However, with this expedited system, there’s always the risk of them administering the wrong medication or procedure out of haste, thereby resulting into grievous harm on the patient. It’s never the ideal scenario, but unfortunately, the risk is a reality every single day in the field of saving lives.

Prevalence of Medication Errors

Even before the rise in popularity of urgent care services, medication errors have been one of the main concerns among patients in hospitals. It has been estimated that this has been constantly one of the leading causes of death in the United States, along with AIDS, drug overdoses, and breast cancer. In fact, an analysis published in the Journal of Patient Safety saw that medication errors contributed to the deaths of between 210,000 and 440,000 patients.

Urgent care services promise to provide quick remedy for minor injuries and illnesses, yet this does not mean that they aren’t susceptible to medication errors. Should this be the case, seeking the help among trusted Manhattan medical malpractice lawyers, such as those from the Law Offices of Joseph Lichtenstein, is necessary, particularly if it led to drastic situations.

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